Uniting music and equestrian sport, whether this is for dressage, vaulting, 

carousel, trick riding or something else!


Accent Music

Uniting equestrian sport and music... that is the biggest passion of Accent Music, the company that delivers freestyles to music which match your every wish. Accent Music puts professionalism first and creates freestyle music for you which is perfect until the very last note.

Watch the Grand Prix freestyle of Diederik van Silfhout and his horse Expression NOP at Indoor Brabant 2019 here!
02-03-2019: Dinja van Liere and her horse Haute Couture winning the final at the Dutch Championships!
10-02-2018: Para dressage rider Demi Haerkens wins with her new freestyle made by Accent Music!

Musical Freestyle:
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The strongest point of Accent Music is the fact that the music is completely custom-made. The music company consists of Hester and Wouter Slegt. Wouter Slegt is the mastermind behind the music of Accent Music. He is a bassist in the reggae band Roots Creation and also takes his spot on stage with the band Knarsetand. The internationally renowned DJ Armin van Buuren has played Wouter's music during his radio programme "A State of Sundays". Wouter is also contracted by the label Cloud9Dance where he uses his artist name Omega3 to produce music. In cooperation with DJ Ricky Rivaro he created music for a Pepsi commercial. Next to that, Wouter arranges music for documentaries and composes and arranges film music. To be able to do this he cooperates with top musicians in the Netherlands. Hester Slegt is a dressage rider and instructor which give her the expertise to easily match music to the horse's gaits and accentuate the strongest points. The combination of this team and the cooperation with top musicians makes Accent Music the perfect company to choose, if you are looking for a freestyle which no one will ever forget!

Everything is possible
The fundamental idea is that everything is possible. It is important that the music accentuates the strongest points of your horse and that it matches until the very last note. You always wanted to use a specific music for your freestyle? It doesn't matter whether it's music for dressage, vaulting, carousel, trick riding or something else: Accent Music is the perfect choice for you.

Why Accent Music
Because Accent Music makes the difference! The scores of a 'freestyle to music' test are often marked higher than those of a 'classical dressage' test. The difference of the total score occurs because, in practice, it often is easier to score more points for artistic marks than for the technical marks. Interpretation and choice of music are important scoring divisions of the artistic mark during a freestyle to music test. Accent Music sees to it that your artistic mark will be positively influenced and thus makes your freestyle to music something special.

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Our vision translated into reality

Examples of Accent Music

Summer Theme

Spanish Theme

Rock Theme


Watch the Grand Prix freestyle of Diederik van Silfhout and his horse Expression NOP at Indoor Brabant 2019 here!

Dinja van Liere and her horse Haute Couture winning the final at the Dutch Championships!

Para dressage rider Demi Haerkens wins with her new freestyle made by Accent Music!

Demi wanted to use elements of the songs "Chandelier" and "Cheap Thrills" from the famous pop singer Sia. Composer Wouter Slegt arranged and composed it to this final result:

Our team of Accent Music wishes you a Happy New Year!!

Watch here the new freestyle for Junior rider Florence Siemer in the final of the Dutch championships!

Freestyle small tour final CDI Roosendaal 2017 - Jessica Nijpjes with Ballore Z

Dutch Champion Small Tour indoor 2017: Diederik van Silfhout and Expression!


Grand Prix Show by Bastiaan de Recht during Horse Event 2016.
Music composed by Accent Music.

Are you ready?!

Saturday 10th of September, 15h at Horse Event
SHOW Bastiaan de Recht on music composed by Accent Music!

Accent Music at the Equestrian Games in Rio de Janeiro!

One of the first musical compositions Accent Music made was used at the Olympic Games! A dream coming true. Watch the musical freestyle, ridden by Diederik Silfhout and Arlando NH N.O.P. here at NOS.nl, or read the (Dutch) interview with Accent Music, published in newspaper De Stentor, below.

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Golden Freestyle: Diederik van Silfhout and Arlando NH. N.O.P Dutch champion Grand Prix!

New freestyle for Dutch rider Jessica Nijpjes: A first price at Zeeland Outdoor!
Click here to watch the freestyle

It was the first time for our new rider Jessica Nijpjes and the mare Balorig Z they performed with a new freestyle composed by Accent Music. Jessica told us she loves trumpet. Her wish is our command: we asked Luuk Hof to play trumpet in this freestyle. The judges were very enthusiastic and gave her a score of 70,50% and a first price in the small tour.
Congratulations! !

Diederik van Silfhout and Arlando N.O.P winning a 2nd price with 80,150% with their Accent Music freestyle during the FEI Reem Acra World Cup at Indoor Brabant!

First place Diederik van Silfhout and Bonzanjo at Jumping Indoor Maastricht with their new Accent Music freestyle!

Diederik van Silfhout and Arlando NH N.O.P. competed with their new musical freestyle during the Reem Acra FEI World Cup at Jumping Amsterdam. The music fits perfectly to the rythm of the horse. The judges were enthusiastic about the music which is composed by Wouter Slegt and gave it a score 9. Well done Diederik!!


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